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Reflective rain coat Rain wear Rain coat Plastic raincoat

Reflective Rain Coat A Orange Traffic Rain Coat A Orange Reflective Rain Coat A Yellow Traffic Rain Coat A Yellow
STF Reflective Rain Coat Type A : Gown (from head to ankle)

Produced from polyester which has quality of durability and water-resistance, Reflective Rain Coat is beautifully designed for all movements and flexibility. The colors are highly visible in long distance for safety, and avoiding accidents. Also, reflectors can be labeled suitable for traffic police, security guards, construction workers who work at night time, rescuers, ground controller in airport, and motorcyclists.

Reflective Rain Coat B Orange Traffic Rain Coat B Orange STF REFLECTIVE RAIN COAT

Available 2 colors : orange and light green with 3 styles.

Type A : Gown (from head to ankle)
Type B : Jump Suit
Type C : Suit and Pant

Reflective Rain Coat B Yellow
STF Rain Coat Type B : Jump Suit
Reflective Rain Coat C Yellow Traffic Rain Coat C Yellow Rain Coat C Yellow Reflective Rain Coat C Orange Traffic Rain Coat C Orange
STF Rain Wear Type C : Suit and Pant